Cert Program

We are pleased to announce that the registration for CPM (Asia) for October 2018 examination is now opened​ and it is fully HRDF claimable​ under SBL scheme.​

About ​Certified Professional Marketer

The CPM (Asia) is the formal endorsement of professional status for marketing professionals who have already attained a competent level of academic and practical understanding of marketing in the Asian region. This professional status is conferred by the​ Asia Marketing Federation (AMF​) and is endorsed by the national marketing bodies in Asia.

Award of the CPM (Asia) Status

Holders of the CPM (Asia) professional qualification are entitled to use the designation “CPM (Asia)” on their business cards and letterheads. In order to continue to use this designation, holders of the CPM (Asia) qualification have to continue to be the members of the AMF. To be a member of the AMF, individuals need only be a member of their local marketing association. Members of all local marketing associations are members of the AMF.​

Please download the program Handbook for your ​full understanding and review. ​

Next Intake

The next exam​ is scheduled to be ​​on 23rd (Tuesday) and 25th (Thursday) of October 2018, class should commenced at least ​6-8 weeks.​

Please download the forms here for​ to be fill​ed​ up, there is a total of 8 pages of forms and supporting document required, good to prepare early.

Below are list of forms ​with document required to be enclosed for submission:

1. Copies of Certified Supporting Documents of Academic Qualification
2. One-(1) Passport-size Photograph. (can be scanned onto the form or paste a digital copy)
3. One-(1) photocopy of IC or Passport (for international students)


Certificates of my academic qualifications and evidence of working experience (Appointment Letter or Work Contract).

1. One-(1) Passport-size Photograph. (can be scanned onto the form or paste a digital copy)
2. Academic and Professional qualifications (highest qualification achieved with documentary proof).

Asia Business23 October 2018​.

Asia Marketing Management25 October 2018.​

Closing date for registration of October exam with IMM ​is before/by ​ 23rd of August 2018.

​We welcome your registration for CPM (Asia), please do not hesitate to call IMM at 03 – 7874 6726.